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    Cold pressed juices are claiming their day in the sun. Our favourite green juicer tragic is Louise Bell from Table Tonic. She made jam jars cool again with her daily green juice concoctions and her repertoire of oh so healthy salads artfully styled on instagram  has us drooling at every meal pic she posts. Ms Bell is so clean, her eyes so bright – you gotta wear shades to look at her. Needless to say – we want what she is having.

    Jam Jar Juice and Fresh Salad Louise Bell Table Tonic Est Magazine

    If cold pressed juices leave your kitchen artillery wanting for back up – you can always get your daily jar of goodness at juice bars like Pressed Juices in Armadale, Melbourne, or if in Beverly Hills LA stop in to Pressed Juicery for an exhaustive range of fresh concoctions. We love their Chalk Board blog for daily inspiration on living well, whether it be cooking up a vegetable green curry or casting the spotlight on latest superfood sensation unrefined grey sea salt. Pressed juices are where it’s at for 2013.

    Pressed Juices Melbourne Pressed Juicery LA Est Magazine

    Eat Fit Food is goodness personified. Imagine having a healthy version of breakfast, lunch and dinner – and snacks – dropped off to your front door every morning. Nothing else to think of but a brisk walk to get the blood pumping, a healthy breakfast of quinoa porridge with berries to start the day – and off you go with your packed lunch. Job done. No more riffling through the cupboards looking for something to take for lunch, or worse, giving into dumplings at the local market when deadlines are pressing only to face the afternoon feeling a bit like a dumpling yourself.

    Eat Fit Food Quinola Porridge Cesar Salad Est Magazine

    Eat Fit Food is like a fairy godmother, hovering gently over you, making sure you are well nourished to face the difficult day, always with your best interests at heart – and like a soft warm hug at the end of the day when you can’t face making another decision or cheffing up a meal to keep the wolves at bay. Packed with goodness, and mini sized, portion controlled fresh green juices for the day, Eat Fit Food is a take away meal that leaves you feeling virtuously nourished.

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