Inside the Home of Børge Mogensen

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    In an elegant showcase, Fredericia pays tribute to the late Børge Mogensen in his own home, just north of Copenhagen. 

    Børge Mogensen, born in 1914, was one of Denmark’s most influential designers. His design principles were reflected in both his work and his home, with a tonal and simplistic style that compliments many modern homes today. He had a meticulous nature and an insatiable curiosity, leading him to tirelessly seek new and better solutions in his projects. He believed that furniture should create a sense of tranquillity and have a modest appearance that encouraged people to live their lives unpretentiously, influencing the production of countless iconic furniture items such as the Spanish Chair.

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    In the dining area, the Mogensen Bench provides room for entertainment and discussion.

    The BM House, located on Soløsevej in Gentofte, was designed through Mogensen’s collaboration with architects Arne Karlsen and Erling Zeuthen Nilsen. This was a home in which the iconic designer resided for 15 years, and was where many of his most celebrated pieces were curated. The location was known as the ‘architect’s marsh,’ due to the fact that the scenic neighbourhood was home to many esteemed names in architecture during the 1960s. Jørn Utzon, Eva and Nils Koppel, Mogens Lassen, as well as Karen and Ebbe Clemmensen lived practically side-by-side. Hans J. Wegner, another highly celebrated Danish furniture designer, lived only a hundred meters from Mogensen.

    Renowned Danish furniture brand Fredericia, with whom Mogensen worked closely with from 1955 until his death in 1972, recently furnished the home with classic Børge Mogensen furniture. Along with a few modern touch-ups, the BM house pays tribute to the man commonly referred to as ‘the people’s designer.’ 

    Mogensen and his wife would often entertain guests and business partners at Soløsevej, with floor-to-ceiling windows which uncovered a unique connection with the outdoors. The home is described as Mogensen’s ‘laboratory,’ as it was where many prototypes had come to life. Some pieces were even uniquely developed for the residence, such as the 2213 Sofa and iconic Spanish chairs. 

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    In the living room, the supple 2213 Sofa and Hotaru Buoy Floor Light brings the room to life.

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    The Spanish Chair – as featured in the est ICON series.

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    The Hunting chair was designed in 1950 and provides a comfortable place for reflection.

    Fredericia’s recent capturing of the home also includes an array of Mogensen’s other iconic pieces, such as the Hunting chair, the Spoke-back sofa and C18 Table in the dining room surrounded by J39 Chairs. Office and library areas feature the versatile BM71 Library table, BM61 and BM62 chairs, and the neutral canvas chair. 

    Fredericia’s celebration of Børge Mogensen’s abode and the pieces within nods to a fervent appreciation of his contribution to Danish design, affirming how each piece remains just as relevant and timeless today.

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    The floor to ceiling windows illuminate the muted tones within, while maintaining a link to the outdoors.

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