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    Californian architecture firm Walker Workshop design the Walnut House to be in constant dialogue with the natural landscape.

    Located in Arcadia, California, and taking in views of San Gabriel Mountains, the Walnut House by Walker Workshop is nestled along the site boundaries to maximise courtyard space. The low-slung home’s relationship with nature was integral to the project’s narrative, which Walker Workshop have explored through materiality, form and layout across a series of interconnected spaces.

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    The kitchen features Miele appliances.

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    Herman Miller Crosshatch Chair

    The main bedroom takes in views of the central courtyard. Pictured: the Herman Miller Crosshatch chair.

    Solid materiality and transparent glazing anchors the form within its context while creating a sense of fluidity. The external palette of weathered steel, wood and Danish brick continues internally; similarly, a brick interior-exterior feature wall runs the length of the site to connect and separate the private and public spaces. Full-height glazing invites the internal spaces back to the external courtyard, which features the spa and pool.

    The interiors are divided into public and private zones, arranged around a central courtyard. The double-height space contains the living, kitchen, bar and dining areas. The bedroom, bathroom and wardrobe all look towards a private courtyard with a central maple tree, creating a calming refuge and allowing dappled light to enter through full-height glazing.

    Walker Workshop have deliberately selected a warm, grounding interior palette. Brick and walnut timber are transitional materials that blur the boundaries between outside and inside, softened by textural rugs and furniture pieces. By exploring every opportunity to connect with the natural environment, Walnut House asserts its place as a timeless example of Californian residential design.

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    Walnut House by Walker Workshop | est living
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