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    Mexican architecture firm PPAA design a simple, considered form in constant dialogue with the surrounding pine tree woodlands through framed views and materiality.

    Located in Valle de Bravo, Mexico, Zarzales blurs the boundaries between inside and out. The surrounding pine trees were preserved at every opportunity, while the home’s siting and flexible spaces were integral to the project’s success.

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    Large amounts of glazing allow natural light to enter the spaces and blur the boundaries between the internal and external.

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    PPAA have immersed two gabled volumes into the landscape, blending with the tonality of the existing tree bark. The structures comprise a social and private pavilion with glazed elements and a subdued material palette. The gable roofs are finished in a dark tile, and the external walls are rendered in an earthen hue.

    There’s no hierarchy between the interior and the exterior spaces. The architects achieve this by using operable partitions to open the living area towards the outdoor terrace. The outdoor terrace, which includes a jacuzzi and swimming pool, is punctured to preserve the existing trees. Overall, there is a consciousness towards the site, which allows the homeowners to connect with the landscape.

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    The roof openings generate patterns of natural light.

    Internally there is a sense of continuity between the conjoined pavilions through a corridor and indistinguishable materiality including timber, washed concrete and wall render. The first pavilion includes the social areas with the kitchen and living, and the second pavilion includes the rest areas.

    PPAA’s design reflects a unified response to the external and internal space, creating an immersive place to unwind among the pines.

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    Concrete and timber reference the natural landscape.

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    To blend with the surroundings, the gable roof references the tones of the tree bark.

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