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    Felicity Bernstein is a go-getter: an entrepreneur, the co-founder of the award-winning architecture practice Melbourne Design Studios and a designer and project manager with a love of contemporary architecture. In short, she’s already got plenty on her plate – but don’t count on Felicity to stop anytime soon. Her latest project Home by Hütt is out to create future-driven homes with striking design.

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    Sustainable architecture and design have long been a passion of Felicity’s, informing her work at Melbourne Design Studio and elsewhere. Home by Hütt is the outcome of several years of work exploring the future of luxury living through a Passive house practice. A prominent movement in Germany and Scandinavia, Passive houses are extremely energy efficient, leading to a reduced ecological footprint. Home by Hütt offers an Australian approach to the Passive house standard,  including cross-laminated timber and the latest smart home technologies.

    Moving beyond limited resources to power the home, Hütt homes will be fossil-free, run on clean energy and are powered by the sun. The goal is to create homes that are smart, sophisticated and modern while running on smart and future-focused technology. Alongside the solar power, the homes will feature integrated battery storage – the designs even feature plug-in stations to accommodate electric cars in advance of this technology becoming commonplace.

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    The sustainable focus doesn’t come at the compromise of a luxurious lifestyle either. Using intelligent home management systems, Hütt home owners will be comprehensively cared for through technology with automated wake-up features including music and fresh coffee, remote access to home devices and facilities through Wi-Fi and keyless fingerprint entry. Based on a concept of ‘many choices’, the homes will vary from smaller homes to larger five-bedroom dwellings, including a complete custom design.

    Already gauging interest since launching in late 2016, Homes by Hütt will begin its first release in Autumn 2017, before seeking to expand to New Zealand in the coming years. For those considering the future impact of their lifestyle, or simply seeking a luxurious home without the traditional running costs, keep a close eye on Home by Hütt’s website, or follow them on Instagram.

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