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    If like us you prefer to live your life in black and white rather than shades of grey, Singapore’s latest boutique accommodation Hotel Mono is just for you. Projecting a clean minimalist aesthetic throughout and close to the action, the elegant hotel is the newest addition to the Chinatown precinct. Originally a conservation shopfront built between the 1840s and 1960s, the building is an iconic part of Singapore’s architecture. The space has been lovingly refurbished by the President Design Award winning firm Spacedge Designs to incorporate a sleek, modern look.

    DESIGNER Spacedge Designs

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    Monochrome is featured heavily throughout the interior design, from the foyer to each unique room. This classic yet contemporary vibe is displayed through contrasting tones in all areas of the hotel. Imagine our surprise when we discovered that all this luxury only comes at a small cost – family size rooms start at a very agreeable $300 (AUD). General manager Glenn Quah says “We want to provide value-for-money accommodations with a five-star service experience.” Seems to us making a style-conscious choice was never made so easy.

    The light-filled rooms have an easy, flowing quality to them. All are equipped with their own unique central features that display a common theme of functionality and aesthetic. A standout example is the seamless metal bar that weaves its way through each room, acting as a source of light, coat rack and sculpture all in one and providing a link between style and form.

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    Navigating the surrounding areas is just as seamless as the hotel with a wide array of shops and stalls on nearby Pagoda Street and Ann Siang Road. A large range of bars are waiting to be discovered such as B28, one of the few dedicated whiskey bars in Singapore. Or for a whimsical experience there’s The Library, a speakeasy where telling a joke to the doorperson lets you into a cosy bar with plenty of unique cocktails to peruse. Chinatown is also a hop, skip and jump away from Marina Bay and the busy Orchard Rd shopping precinct will satiate any taste for luxury.

    If you’re looking for a calm and design-friendly space to retire to when staying in the bustling city, Hotel Mono is the perfect place to wipe clean the day and recharge for the next.

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    Classic but contemporary design with heavily featured monochrome elements create a calm oasis to return to from the contrast of the city.

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