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    This two part home in Linköping, Sweden has been designed as a work in progress by architect Björn Försteg of the formerly named design studio, FAF. Försteg has since joined forces with architect Mikael Ling and rebranded the studio as Förstberg Ling Architecture & formgivning, a.k.a  F**L.

    As part of the Linköpingsbo 2017 housing exhibition, “House for Mother”, as the project is known, has been designed with two adjacent gables that effectively create a visual division of the building. Inside the theme of division is continued and emphasised with half of the living and dining area walls lined in a raw plywood and polished cement floors while the other half of the room sees the plywood limed white from the exposed beam ceiling down to the walls and then to white painted cement floors.

    The first section of the home houses the kitchen, dining and living areas with a smaller ‘cabin’ within the structure used for both the bathroom and laundry. Split over two levels, the second section has been designed to house the bedrooms and a small studio. Raw corrugated aluminium, polished concrete and raw plywood together with limed white walls and ceiling create a modern, contemporary home that is as warm and inviting as it is both calming and visually interesting all at the same time.

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