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    Inspired by her brother’s quest to find good men’s shoes, Emily Cooper made it her mission to learn the craft of designing and producing good looking and exquisitely constructed shoes – for men. The result of her love for her shoe-bereft brothers Meandher.

    Hand sourcing her leathers in Sante Croce, Tuscany, each timber last is developed in Italy with final production carried out in both Italy and Portugal. Particular attention is paid to fit and comfort as much as the aesthetics to ensure they not only look the business but that they fit like a glove.

    In an interview with the perennially cool Pete Maiden from B Space, we also discovered that Emily shares our perception of men that is largely based upon the shoes they wear, the one where you joke with your girlfriends that when meeting potential consorts for the first time – the quickest way to find out if he is your type or not is to look down at his feet.

    We’re thrilled to learn that Emily is now looking after her shoe-obsessed sisterhood with her women’s range launched this year. Click here to find your nearest stockist.

    Or check out one of our favourite Wallaby rugby stars, Adam Ashely Cooper modeling below for a little eye candy…you know you want to.

    (Adam is the one with the ruck marks down his legs – it figures.)


    Meandher Emily Cooper Est Magazine

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