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    If you’re vegetarian and looking for somewhere to grab a bite in the Lafayette Design District of Mexico’s Guadalajara city, then Hueso restaurant may not be the most ideal dining solution for you.

    Architect Ignacio Cadena of Cadena + Asociados has taken inspiration from the restaurant name (hueso translates to bones in english) and run with it in his brother Alfonso Cadena’s restaurant, covering the entire internal wall space in a collection of over 10,000 animal bones intertwined with cooking utensils and artworks. While the original 1940’s modernist building, clad in hand-made ceramic mosaics designed by José Noé Suro look like a grid like format of sewing stitches, is a visual treat in itself, guests arrive eager to know more about just what lies beyond the door with the single bone hanging at the entrance.

    Doused in a colour palette of off-white, ivory and bone with timber tables and dining chairs anchoring the space, this 70 square metre space packs a visual punch with the restaurant itself becoming a living, moving work of art.


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    PHOTOGRAPHER: Jaime Navarro

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