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    It’s time to liven things up. From novice gardeners to avid green-house cultivators, the benefits of adding indoor greenery are both easy on the eye and the air.

    Plants bring an element of liveliness into our homes, create beautiful focal points, add natural colour and texture, provide balance and energise the spaces we live in. As well as the ability to transform a room, it’s also a well-known fact that houseplants work to purify the air we breathe by removing harmful household chemicals.

    From urban apartments to sprawling suburban homes, it’s never been easier to introduce indoor greenery. Case in point; Apartment Saint-Laurent by Atelier Barda shows us just how effortless it is to soften even the most minimal and industrial of interiors with a few strategically placed pot plants. For even more inspiration on how to bring the outdoors in, check out our est favourites below.

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    est living daniel shipp botanical enquiry

    Botanical Inquiry

    Not a green thumb? Not a problem. Sydney-based photographer Daniel Shipp‘s darkly beautiful ‘Botanical Inquiry’ pieces provide a celebration of the often overlooked flora and fauna found growing in the cracks of our suburban streets.

    Plyroom Planter

    Hidden with clever castor wheels for easy movability, the Flor Planter by Plyroom is characterised by clean lines, natural materials and quality craftsmanship.

    est living plyroom flor planter
    est living haws watering can copper 01

    Copper Watering Can

    A beautiful British classic. Not only does Haws’ classic watering can in solid copper make an elegant design statement, its removable rose tip also makes it a versatile watering can for small plants, pots and seedlings. Bravo. 

    Adam Goodrum x Tait

    A space divider like no other, Tait’s Trace Planter creates a lush (and living) wall of indoor greenery.

    est living tait adam goodrum trace planter
    est living ivy muse stem 750x1000


    Proof that a little indoor greenery goes a long way. Stem by Ivy Muse (in collaboration with Alterfact Studio) features a 3-D printed ceramic top and is ideal for propagating plants or as a simple vase for flowers.

    Vertical Garden

    Est HQ gives vertical gardens the green light. Taking some urban inspiration from the Portugal Apartment by GDL Arquitetura, but calling in our local experts at Wild Seeds Garden.

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    ferm living plant box living plant stand grey ferm living plant box 02

    Indoor Planter Box

    Think inside the box. Ferm Living’s Plant Box is elegant, timeless and available in a beautiful range of powdery hues creating the perfect way to add some indoor greenery.

    Indoor Green: Living with Plants

    A bible for all budding botanists. Bree Claffey’s book- Indoor Green: Living with Plants explores the enduring attraction of houseplants, the art of decorative arrangement and how to replicate them.

    est living Bree Claffey indoor green book 750x1000
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    Apartment Saint-Laurent by Atelier Barda | Global Interiors | est living

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