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Insider’s Guide to Bauwerk Green Paint

Explore Perth-based paint company Bauwerk Colour’s sustainable selection of limewash green paint.

Since launching out of Fremantle in 2000, Bauwerk Colour have developed an exemplary range of limewash paints that speak to the natural world’s arresting qualities and longevity. Sourced from the finest pigments on Earth, each swatch forms a direct line to nature, encouraging us to live in synergy with our surroundings.

We had the pleasure of interviewing Bauwerk Colour creative director Bronwyn Riedel earlier this year, who revealed some of the brand’s defining beliefs around nature and sustainability, and how they have evolved to be experts in their craft. “We have spent years refining and understanding the magical alchemy of turning stone into paint,” she told us. 

In the spirit of Bauwerk’s fundamental philosophies, we’ve curated an ensemble of green paint from their colour range. The colour green denotes many things in human psychology; nature, for one, but also renewal, prosperity and healing. At the same time, it evokes feel-good emotions such as freshness, tranquillity and detoxification. But green doesn’t just anchor interiors to nature – it also possesses uplifting and cleansing properties backed by science, giving it the power to transform a space entirely.

Produced in partnership with Bauwerk Paint

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