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From modern countryside homes to inner-city warehouses, we explore timeless interior design ideas and uncover the beauty of contemporary interior design styles. Join us as we explore the very best in interior design styles from around the globe.

Our home design feature stories will ignite your imagination with living room interior design ideas, modern furniture inspiration and home interior design projects that will have you rethinking your apartment design, or your weekend coastal retreat.

If you’re looking for house extension interior ideas that make the most of a space and accent it with looks that bring to mind the unique modernity of bisque interiors, view standout projects from top-tier architects on these pages.

Home Interior Inspirations

From lathering up in an outdoor shower in the Australian bush in the minimalist design of a cube house in Balnarring, to enjoying a rustic summer house in Berlin’s forest, we’ll give you an insight into the simple delights of everyday life through the lens of great interior design. Take a tour of a bohemian-style townhouse in Brooklyn or discover the perennially stylish Piermont Retreat set in the spectacular coastal countryside of Tasmania. We specialise in showcasing homes and interiors with a passion for aesthetic, form and function. Unearthing the talents behind product and interior design ideas, we showcase the talents of Australian designers and those from across the seas.

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Looking for Home Renovation or House Extension Interior Ideas?

If you’re looking for home renovation or house extension interior ideas, you will find them on est. Our website captures exclusive, best-in-class interior design and residential architecture. Select homes on this page to see how our architects and interior designers have created inspired spaces using products featured within the est Product Library.

  • Kelly Wearstler | The Rug Company

    Los Angeles based interior designer and tastemaker Kelly Wearstler has become a household name for her luxurious and glamorous designs. As… continue reading.

  • Yvonne Kone | Accessories & Curiosities

    We can’t believe we’ve only just discovered Yvonne Koné. A graduate of the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts –… continue reading.

  • Sarah Lavoine | Ridiculously cool

    Sarah Lavoine is the Kate Moss of the interior design scene in Paris. Ridiculously cool, effortlessly chic and undeniably talented,… continue reading.

  • India Mahdavi | Designer Style

    Because it’s the week of Valentine – we thought it only fitting that we explore the city of love. Paris…. continue reading.

  • Baby Boom

    In her travels both in Australia and overseas our guest editor Tamie Freier comes across many incredible stores and designers…. continue reading.

  • Marquee makeover with tipi teepee

    We came across these tipi tents recently and thought you might be as intrigued by them as we are. Offering… continue reading.

  • Anke Leunissen & Kim de Groot – Girls Overboard

    Photographer Anke Leunissen and stylist Kim de Groot are two young creatives hailing from the Netherlands, sharing a love for… continue reading.

  • Pamela Makin – Natural Elements

    If you share our love of an organic, natural and textural aesthetic then you will probably be familiar with the… continue reading.

  • Martyn Thompson | Sensory Style

    Martyn Thompson lives and works in a classic New York loft on one of Soho’s hippest streets. It is the sort… continue reading.

  • WHATSWHAT Potential Energy Project

    Stockholm based collective WHATS WHAT developed three prototype lamps based on the theme ‘Potential Energy’ for the International Contemporary Furniture… continue reading.

  • The Componibli 3 Shelf Cabinet

    The Componibili 3 Shelf Cabinet is a classic symbol of modern Italian design, which delivers beauty, practicality and value forty… continue reading.

  • Finding Home

    Buying a house that you have never seen, in another hemisphere, during the middle of the night is not how… continue reading.

  • Jackson Pollock + Lee Krasner

    After a weekend with artist friends in East Hampton, Jackson Pollock and Lee Krasner purchased a property that was to… continue reading.

  • A Balance of Beauty

    Renowned Danish jewellery designer, Charlotte Lynggaard, invites us inside for a personal tour of her summer house, north of Copenhagen.

  • Will Dangar

    With a passion for craftsmanship and pieces that stand the test of time, Will Dangar created the Robert Plumb range… continue reading.

  • The Wishbone Chair

    If a picture can tell 1000 words then a chair can recount a thousand stories. Some long, some short and… continue reading.

  • Lisa Marie Frost | The Home of Art

    Thirteen years ago, Lisa Marie Frost turned her back on the corporate world after working as an Art Director for… continue reading.

  • Old World Charm

    Located on the outskirts of the French Riviera, Vence provides respite from the glitz and glamour of the nearby neighbours… continue reading.