ISS Apartment by Atelier PECLAT + CHOW

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    Atelier PECLAT + CHOW lift cues from mid-century design in this transformation of a two-bedroom apartment in Jardins, Brazil.

    Built in the 1960s and situated in the heart of Jardins, Sao Paulo, this compact apartment is surrounded by restaurants, museums and boutique shopping strips. Remaining untouched for 50 years, the art-loving client approached Atelier PECLAT + CHOW with a vision to restore the home’s beauty and character with accents of mid-century design. Complete with custom-designed pieces, the ISS Apartment is tailored to the client through a curated selection of furniture and materials.

    Outdated and detached from its upscale surrounds, Atelier PECLAT + CHOW proposed a revised layout to the original home. Three compact bedrooms became two generous bedrooms with ensuites, and a restructured hallway now divides the home into two zones; bedrooms and the kitchen and living area. 

    Rich walnut panelling wraps the walls of the home’s entrance, meeting seamlessly with custom Peroba Mica hardwood floors. A balance of old and new is evident throughout the home; creamy white walls distinguish the living area, while in the bedrooms stucco-covered brick pays tribute to the home’s past life. In the living room, designer pieces acquired at a mid-century modern gallery include the red lounge chair designed by Jose Zanine Caldas and rattan shell chair by Carlo Hauner, contrasting with the contemporary custom-designed sofa by Atelier PECLAT + CHOW.

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    Light switches, tapware and drop-down ceiling lights are all custom-designed by the studio, alongside the Madame Mu Floor Lamp in the living room. Calacatta marble is used in the kitchen and bathrooms, adding visual interest to the space and contrasting the streamlined cabinetry. The spectrum of walnut and beige remains consistent throughout, layered with beige drapery and neutral rugs. 

    Through an eclectic mix of contemporary and mid-century pieces and a refined palette, Atelier PECLAT + CHOW have skilfully breathed new life into this Sao Paulo apartment.

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    Stucco-covered brick pays tribute to the home’s past life in the bedrooms. 

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