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    Specialising in limited edition prints from established, award winning and up-and-coming photographers from around the world, the curators of digital art gallery Subject Matter know how to spot the next big thing. Fresh from the LUCA School of the Arts, Belgian photographer and artist Jef Claes has definitely entered our field of vision after eyeing of his exhibition of works open for 24 hour viewing on the Subject Matter site.

    In his ongoing KM series, Claes travels by car along the roads of Belgium, documenting all that intrigues him as he passes by. The geometrical elements and exuberant colours of buildings, vehicles and skies are beautifully captured by Claes as he imposes his own personal interpretation of the staged reality that he wants us to see.


    KM39 by Jef Claes


    KM67 by Jef Claes


    KM4 by Jef Claes


    KM29 by Jef Claes


    KM21 by Jef Claes


    KM5 by Jef Claes

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