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    Design Directory Vincent2 Est Magazine

    Run by a family team of devout design lovers, Vincent & Vincent specialises in gifts, accessories, clothing, kitchenware, ding-ware, homewares, furniture, furnishs and lighting – not to mention office and travel goods. So you cold say they are the quintessential one stop shop really!

    With the Vincent family having been involved in importing and distibution for over a century – the recent launch of Vincent & Vincent in 2005 draws on the family history and knowledge of the industry while representing a more modern, youthful and progressive market that we see today.

    We asked Jemma Vincent how she found herself in the family trade, and how she maintains a passion and love for the industry and a commitment to design, innovation and sustainability.

    How long have you been trading? We’ve been trading for 8 years now.

    Describe your product line. We import homewares/ lifestyle brands from across the globe, Design House Stocholm, Baggu from New York, Lexon from Paris, Snurk from Amsterdam, Dynomighty from New york and a new shelving range from Brickbox in Spain.

    What motivated you to start a business? We have always been involved in retail so this was a natural progression into importing.

    How did you come up with your business name? Vincent 2 started as a father / daughter business, however we quickly grew to include Phoebe and Sam, my brother and sister, therefore there’s actually four Vincents now!

    What has been the toughest lesson you have learned to date?  I think the hardest thing is to learn how to trust your instincts when buying new product, we all operate on tight budgets so we need to make sure our product range is unique.

    What do you love most about what you do? We are lucky enough to travel the world looking at beautiful products, beautiful places and meeting amazing designers, and then we get to come home and work with our brothers, sisters and parents every day – its lucky we all like each other!

    Where do you find inspiration to keep you motivated?  We find most of our inspiration from our customers, there are so many beautifully curated stores in Australia, who embrace new products every day from all over the world and from our amazing Australian designers. If we can keep finding products that make our customers smile we will be happy.

    Name one thing you’d be lost without in your business. We’d be lost without our phones unfortunately! We all have young families and we do a lot of our business on our phones while nursing babies!


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    Vincent 2 will be exhibiting at the upcoming Life Instyle in Melbourne. If your coming to Life Instyle be sure to stop in and say hello to the Est Magazine. We are thrilled to be participating in a “Meet the Experts” session at 10am on Sunday 4 August.


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