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    You could say Jenna Spence is a bit of a greenie at heart. After starting Mister Moss just last year, Jenna is passionate in her pursuit of introducing indoor plants to those with even the blackest of thumbs. As a feature for indoors, or out, these balls of velvety green look great suspended from a balcony, a verandah or above a kitchen bench!

    Jenna shares a bit of an insight into how the creator of Mister Moss started in the world of hanging plants!

    How long have you been trading? I started last year, 2012.

    Describe your product line. We are a Melbourne based company who create and sell beautiful hand-made hanging moss ball plants. We are also currently developing Mister Moss home which is going to be a variety of homewares products designed by us.

    How did you come up with your business name? I used to work in advertising so I like to brainstorm different ideas. I like the idea of Mister Moss because I thought it gave the plants a little personality and the fact the plants are made with moss seemed to make sense.

    What has been the toughest lesson you have learned to date When you are in business everything rests on your shoulders. You need to wear many hats.

    What do you love most about what you do? I love the variety of my days. One minute I can be doing designs for the homewares range and next I have my hands in a pile of dirt making Mister Moss.

    Where do you find inspiration to keep you motivated? Other successful businesses I find a great motivation. I really want to continue to grow and this is what keeps me motivated. I think it is very important to feel proud of what you do.

    Name one thing you’d be lost without in your business. It is going to sound really daggy but the support of my great partner who backs me 100%.

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    Mister Moss will be exhibiting at the upcoming Life Instyle in Melbourne and we are looking forward to seeing what Jenna has been busy working on for the past few months. If your coming to Life Instyle be sure to stop in and say hello to the Est Magazine. We are thrilled to be participating in a “Meet the Experts” session at 10am on Sunday 4 August.

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  1. These are just wonderful! Have just tried something similar myself, but it’s lovely to see it being done by an expert! 🙂

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