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I have long been a fan of Sydney designer Justine Hugh-Jones work, having known Justine from my days as a fellow busy working Mosman mother with a household full of young boys.

Justine was my go-to when I needed words of encouragement or a sounding board for ideas. I would sit, listening to her soft english accent as she urged me to keep going and stay true to the cause of pursuing my passions. Juggling a busy family, erratic work schedules and a need for creative fulfilment are topics that are still pertinent. For me, the balance just never quite felt achieved…although for Justine, with her cool, calm manner, she manages to make everything look like it has perfect equilibrium!

Haling from the UK, with a love of white spaces, greyed hues and fabulous art, Justine arrived in Sydney with a creative dream in her pocket and a family in tow. An innate sense of style that exudes calm, order and a sense of restraint. Justine is the winner of the 2013 Belle Coco Republic Interior Design Readers Choice Award and is clearly on a winning combination with her unique mix of British design sensibility and the Australian penchant for relaxed living and copious amounts of light.

Here Justine opens up her own home and invites Est readers in to see how the proficient designer combines her style with the needs of a busy bustling house full of teenage boys.

Sian MacPherson

Images: Nicky Ryan

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