Karina Calvert-Jones

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    est living gift advice karina calvert jones

    Karina Calvert-Jones

    Co-founder, Whilo
    Los Angeles

    Whilo is a new App that takes the guesswork out of gift-giving by giving you a platform to search, save and share your dream gifts – while also being able to see what your nearest and dearest are coveting too. We got the scoop from co-founder Karina Calvert-Jones on her own dream gift list and how to nail giving this Christmas.

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    “Christmas ideas to make, buy or do.” KARINA CALVERT-JONES

    You live in LA, can you describe in five words the quintessential LA Christmas?

    Beach, bike, ice-skate, Christmas lights, shop!

    What’s made the top of your Christmas wish list this year?

    Anything from Gucci‘s new costume jewellery line and I’m also coveting the new black Nike Air Zooms with the gold swoosh.

    You have two teenage daughters, can you name a go to store for finding gifts for teenage girls?

    It seems all teenage girls adore any skincare or fun makeup kits – I have found that Sephora is the greatest for those. I go to Zara for fun accessories and they are loving fashion from Brandy Melville.

    My girls also love any kind of tickets to go out to concerts and movies with their friends.

    What do you miss most about Australia?

    Clearly my family and friends are at the top of the list. But more than anything I miss the Aussie humour. I miss the sarcasm and really being able to not always have to be so PC – here sarcasm is cynicism and not funny.

    I also miss the Australian fashion. The girls down there are so fashion forward and are not afraid to play with lots of colour and pattern. I believe Australia has some of the best designers in the world.


    1. Anything sporty is always good to help motivate fitness – even just a volleyball to throw around on the beach or in the back yard.

    2. Everyone loves a gorgeous body lotion that not only hydrates but smells delicious. My fave is Rose 31 body lotion from Le Labo.

    3. I feel like everyone enjoys tea. A great tea box or caddy filled with assorted herbal tea is a go to for anyone.

    4. Shinola watches are gorgeous and while getting up there in price (under $1000) they look very high end. Plus they have a terrific range.

    5. A terrific book – who doesn’t love getting lost in a great read? My all-time fave read is ‘Papillon’ by Henri Charriere.

    6. If you’re a good cook then this should be your go to; a beautiful jar filled with homemade cookies or granola.

    7. I adore Zara‘s scarfs. They are so cozy and the quality is terrific. I always take one on my long flights.

    8. My mum recently gave me a silk pillow slip. It’s supposed to keep your skin from wrinkles. I adore it. My hubby even steals it.

    9. Print our your fave photo of you and your recipient and pop it in a nice frame, along with a gorgeous note. Simple and thoughtful.

    10. I’m currently obsessing over vintage match strikers right now. They are making a comeback. I’ve seen both Jonathan Adler, Jenni Kayne and Aerin Lauder feature some great ones. Although, maybe not a good idea if there are kids around!

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