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    We all have those moments when we find ourselves deep down a rabbit hole of sorts – one minute we’re scouring the internet for a particular project we are researching the next we find ourselves totally off tangent and absolutely absorbed by a whole new world of ideas and inspiration. Greek architect Katerina Dima’s photography and styling talents did just that after first discovering her work for the Nicolas Vahe gourmet produce range.

    Seeing her home composed so beautifully on her website – we wanted to know more about this multi talented creative, so we got in touch with Katerina to find out more…

    Est Magazine Interiors Katerina Dima

    We discovered your site Only Deco Love via Pinterest and instantly wanted to know more about you. How long have you been a blogger / How did you get your start?
    I started my blog about a year ago and I did so because originally I wanted to document the before and after progress!. However, it soon transformed into more, and now I like to hope it serves as an inspiration to people.

    Your site has that perfectly clean and simple look we admire – did you always posses this type of aesthetic? How has it changed?
    I have always had a love for the minimalistic look, but coming to live permanently in Norway, I have been heavily influenced by Scandinavian style. I love clean surfaces and simple cozy corners and I achieve this with a tactical combination of colors furniture and details.

    Est Magazine Styling Katerina Dima

    Est Magazine Desk Katerina Dima

    You take photos, you style…is it really true that you also work as an architect? How did you become so multi-talented?
    I am an architect, that is my main job. Other than my home, I am not styling any other place so all my energy goes there. I have always been very artistic and finding beauty around me was, as long as I can remember, my main drive. This translates into so many things though! When I photograph I have the same drive, when I style a room, when I design a house, even when I dress myself! I absolutely love fashion and colors and shapes and patterns but what I love more is combining them in a way that I find beautiful. In a sense you could say my only talent is a constant search for beauty around me.

    What do you love about living in your city and can you share any insiders secrets on what are the best kept secrets to your city?
    I actually don’t live in the city, I live in a small town of no more than 6000 people. It is very close to larger cities though by car so I don’t feel I am missing out. If anything right now I absolutely love living so close to nature! Our town lies at the end of a beautiful fjord and everytime I go out for a walk I am fascinated by the beauty of the environment. During winter the mountains are covered with snow and so is the town when it gets too cold and during summer the snow melts forming countless small waterfalls all around us to the point of waking up to the sound of the water falling!

    Est Magazine Objects Katerina Dima 02

    Any photographers or stylists you find inspiration from?
    Oh really so many. You need only to look at my blog feed, but some of my favorites though include Stylizimo Blog, Elisabeth Heier, DesignLykke, My Scandinavian Home, The Design Chaser to list but a few.

    Do you prefer living in a Nordic country versus Greece where you grew up?
    Absolutely. I do miss Greece of course but I mostly miss my family and friends versus the country.

    What’s next on the agenda for your career?
    I would love to keep working as an architect but I will focus more on styling and furniture design than residential design as soon as I get the chance to. My dream is to eventually be able to use my skills to express myself more and make a design statement that will inspire and be a role model for more to come.

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    Est Magazine Interiors Katerina Dima 03

    Est Magazine Objects Katerina Dima 03

    Est Magazine Office Katerina Dima

    Est Magazine Interiors Katerina Dima 01

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