Kettle Black

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    You may have noticed on our Instagram account that we are more than a little guilty when it comes to holding regular  meetings at our favourite cafe in Melbourne, Kettle Black. And it’s not just the pancakes that have us craving for more time here. Our friends Hana and Kestie at Studio You Me have created one of the city’s most beautiful coffee and breakfast destinations and we would quite literally move in here tomorrow if they let us.

    Tucked in beneath a striking Elenberg Fraser apartment building in , the white shining beacon for coffee lovers in the South Melbourne precinct flock to the calming embrace that this beautifully designed space gives. Polished concrete, soft pale oak timbers with pale mint green accents and brass detailing against graphic hexagonal tiling and black steel all combine to create an elegant, refined and visually intriguing space for lively banter, quiet reflection and anything in between.

    If you have not been – go.

    And DEFINITELY order those pancakes!

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    Kettle Black
    50 Albert Road
    South Melbourne
    (03) 9088 0721

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