Designing Bedrooms for the Family Home

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    With insight from interior designer Janine Carter, we flesh out the fundamental ingredients to designing bedrooms for the family home.

    There’s an art to designing a quality family home that accommodates the clan’s ever-changing needs and lifestyle. Not only that, we at est know the key to a winning family home is down-to-earth, hardwearing interiors ready to endure fleeting trends and foot traffic. Synonymous with family living is King Living, whose steadfast and stylish collections we’ve noted time and time again as a dependable investment for the home.

    Not so long ago we joined forces with designer and Art Consultant Swee Lim to share a series of spaces that captured the essence of contemporary family living, featuring King Living furniture. Following our focus on family living areas that last, we’re turning our attention to the bones of the bedroom, to explore what makes an ideal private space.

    Produced in partnership with King Living.

    The Parent’s Private Retreat

    The master suite, bedroom or the parent’s retreat – whatever name your sleeping zone takes, it deserves every point of consideration. In the planning stages of the Brighton Home, Janine Carter said they ensured the master bedroom was designed to be away from the day-to-day living spaces. Then they made every effort to keep the layout simple. “We aim to create a tranquil, quiet and elegant space that has impact…” Janine said, for the parents to “relax, unwind and recharge in”.

    In the Brighton Home a pivot door creates a ‘dramatic entry’ to the generous-sized bedroom space with floor-to-ceiling windows, filtering light and plush carpet. Janine said this sets a ‘nurturing’ mood, flowing onto the walk-in dressing room and master en-suite.

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    For a luxurious feel in the bedroom, Janine advises investing in generous-sized furniture, quality linen and window furnishings, and a bedside light, wall light or pendant. “It’s important to have a quality bed, mattress and linen, side table, dresser and armchair that create a statement and will still look good in years to come. They create the base for the layers,” Janine said.

    Keeping with Janine’s advice, the Serenade Soft Storage Bed adds warmth and storage opportunities to the bedroom space. The Serenade Bedside Table 550 in Congo timber and Carrara Marble offer an air of opulence, while the King Boulevard Armchair and Seymour Mid Fixed occasional chair make for a quiet, comfortable corner. All of these elements tie together a neutral palette and natural materials, steering the bedroom away from appearing dated in the future.

    Location in the house’s footprint and privacy is a fundamental part of designing a bedroom. This, as well as a generous flexible space with plenty of clothes storage and natural light to address the individual needs of the family.”


    – Janine Carter

    The Kids’ Bedrooms

    Keeping the kids’ bedroom tidy is often a top priority, but they certainly benefit from the designer eye. An orderly layout may be the answer to curbing the mess, but how can we also create an inviting space to learn, play, sleep, and dream? That is a space to grow with your kids, not to be grown out of.

    The kids’ bedrooms are set away from the master bedroom for more privacy in the Brighton home. Janine said they prioritised flexibility so that all bed sizes fit comfortably, and can accommodate a desk and bookshelves.  “The rooms are generous in size with abundant light and storage behind floor-to-ceiling robe doors, with our plush carpet and finishes that suit all ages,” Janine said. She explained the designs often accommodate personal en-suites to create a ‘mini-retreat’ for the younger members of the household.

    King Living’s Neo Bed is Janine’s choice for the kids’ bedroom. The soft fabric bedhead keeps to the neutral palette of the space, as a foundation for adding personality. In this way, while favourite colours and individual interests may change, the essential elements can remain long-lasting.

    When asked what’s often overlooked when designing bedrooms in the family home, Janine said it usually came down to not enough natural light, storage and electrical points for flexibility. Above all, Janine said prioritise quality over clutter and be strict on not overcrowding the space, so everyone can enjoy sensibility and sophistication in the bedroom.

    See the est favourites here or take a look at King Living on the est product library.

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