Kingswood Residence by Williams Burton Leopardi

  • Kingswood Residence by Williams Burton Leopardi

    Williams Burton Leopardi take a heritage bungalow in Adelaide’s inner east and rework it into a modern, light-filled oasis.

    Once dark and overstated, now light and sophisticated, an Adelaide old-timer has received a much-needed makeover from Adelaide-based architecture and interior design firm Williams Burton Leopardi. Kingswood Residence, as it now likes to go by, retains the charm and character of its origins while embracing a newfound appreciation for ‘the now’.

    When it came to the brief, it was a priority Williams Burton Leopardi open up Kingswood Residence’s previously segregated spaces and reorientate them towards the landscape. This way, occupants would experience the home in relation to its surroundings. As a result, natural light inhabits each space, while framed views are formed throughout.

    “At the heart of the transformations of Kingswood Residence is an ingrained sense of flow and connection,” Williams Burton Leopardi co-director David Burton says. While still holding its original shape, a series of new gestures ensure the home is rephrased to fit its contemporary vernacular. Sequencing and transitions were paramount so that each section of the home had a logical place. This is especially evident in the communal spaces; a formal living and dining area, which transitions seamlessly into a shared living, dining and kitchen area. 

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    Views of the garden ensure the home remains in touch with its environment.

    A family home at its core, Kingswood Residence is committed to the lives and experiences of those who occupy it. Making use of the generous site, the home features a tennis court and pool area, as well as a dedicated pavilion intended to encourage outdoor living and entertaining. “We were inspired by an expressed focus on lifestyle,” David says, recognised through planning and realignment.

    As for the material palette, one can only describe it as logical, like the layout of the house itself. Each texture, tone and composition has a place; a kitchen island cast in grey stone, walls painted in oatmeal, chairs set in plum leather, taps coloured in gold. It’s in this way Kingswood Residence by Williams Burton Leopardi honours its rich past while welcoming a new chapter with open arms.

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    Each element emulates simplicity and sophistication; the Articolo Lumi wall sconce in the master bedroom.

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