Kirribilli Apartment by Mathieson Architects

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    Kirribilli Apartment sits teetering over the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge and Circular Quay while embracing its landscaped setting. Mathieson Architects add layers of smooth lines through restraint, while a curious collection connects its owners with a unique sense of place.

    Spread over two generous levels, Kirribilli Apartment opens up to its opportunistic siting, with large operable glazing that frames views while inviting nature in. As part of an elevated and specialised development by Mathieson Architects, the apartment is the coming together of heightened luxury and refined detailing that emphasises landscape.

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    The dining space features HT313 Table by Henri Timi. Painting by Lindy Lee.

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    The shared living, dining and kitchen space generously spills out onto the adjacent balcony space, connecting to the natural and emphasising the fortunate siting.

    Throughout, a connection beyond the bounding walls ensures a reminder of the home’s locale and reinforces visual alignments that direct activity into landscaped spaces. The upper level sees the main communal living, dining and kitchen space, and master suite open to their equally inviting balcony areas, encouraging a spillover. While on the lower level, the secondary living spaces and supplementary bedrooms open out into idyllically conceived courtyard spaces.

    Contrasting elements and gestures allow an expression of finish and materiality, while a muted tonality creates opportunities for textural highlight. A neutral approach sees a base of limestone tiles carry from the base underfoot, out into the courtyard spaces, roughened for the exterior application. Limestone is then used as the base masonry feature, used in the outdoor walls and indoor fireplace elements.

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    Signalling movement in their sweeping grandness, dark timber-stained pivot doors separate key zones and add an element of drama to the home. Their full height and width match the external sliding glass doors as another symbol of transition and threshold, making an event out of the act. Rich textiles and plush carpet rugs soften the spaces and act as a sound absorber, while leathers, linen and silk add further depth.

    By combining custom and collected furniture with select lighting, objects and artwork, Mathieson Architects enables the personal story of its owners to be told within the home. The layering of past elements and the new then becomes an encompassing narrative, combining time, location and experience. Kirribilli Apartment beautifully responds to its fortunate location, and through the careful placement of parts, a tranquil oasis is conjured, allowing a calming effect to take hold.

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    Mathieson Architects create a diffusion of natural light, through the layering of soft textiles within subdued spaces.

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