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    If you’re looking to do up the kitchen on a budget, whether it be your beach house or your home, then Copenhagen based design company, Reform, may have you looking at Ikea in a whole new light. Taking the best of what an Ikea kitchen has to offer, low cost, well designed cabinets, and giving them a unique, customised, high quality front, Reform has changed the game when it comes to affordable kitchen renovations.

    Combining Ikea’s 60 years of kitchen planning experience and constant product development, with Reform’s customised designer cupboard fronts, allows budget conscious, style savvy renovators the opportunity to afford great design without having to forgo the annual holiday to pay for it. Designed to suit the cupboards of the METOD and FAKTUM kitchens, the Reform solution takes the guess work out of the framework.

    With a broad range of options to choose from when selecting colours, materials and styles, choosing a Reform front ensures there is no one ‘cookie cutter’ kitchen look. And if your bedroom or bathroom is also in need of a makeover, then designer fronts for PAX wardrobes, BESTÅ sideboards and GODMORGON bathroom cabinets are available as well.

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    Above: Basic 01 kitchen doors and drawer fronts are inspired by the classical style of a 1960’s kitchen with the round cut in handles in oak adding just a hint of retro.

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    Above: The Basic 02 features rectangular cut in handles in oak.

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