Kitty Burns Café by Biasol

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    Nestled below Melbourne’s iconic Skipping Girl sign, Kitty Burns Café combines both the tranquillity of Yarra Bend with the quirkiness that is key to both Melbourne design and dining.

    Brought to life by creative design consultancy Biasol: Design Studio, the building’s immediate challenge took shape by way of pre-existing 6-metre ceilings. The studio took the opportunity to capitalise on the stunning natural light and open space. In order to maintain a level of intimacy in the vast space, they designed three main dining areas to break up the dining areas.

    Biasol created two main areas of the café bar – the coffee bar and the elixir bar, individually housed within framework that ensures each area is distinctly identifiable (important for both ordering and service logistics). The bar is lined with handmade pale turquoise tiles, framed by a strong overhead structure constructed from Australian natural timbers. Within the coffee bar is a waiting area for patrons, as well as a mobile coffee cart that echoes the design language of the main bar.

    Each element was considered in the context of the space, with Biasol custom-designing and making each pendant light. The light fittings were created in copper and white tones, both sympathetic to the overall colour palette of the space. Each light was created in two parts allowing for a playful finish through mixing and matching.

    With the tranquil surroundings and views of Melbourne’s iconic Yarra River, Biasol took advantage of the atmosphere to create a sense of serenity. Strong elements of indoor embrace the surroundings, complimenting the views and external façade.

    Fusing mischief with structure, frivolity with discipline, Kitty Burns embodies the iconic Skipping Girl woman in one seriously light-filled space.




    The lime-washed timber bulkheads forming the house shape (supplied by Foxhay) above the dining areas are lined with three dimensional cladding detail, allowing natural light to create a shadowing effect changing the colour of the timber depending as it receives light.


    Stools from Space to Create.


    Pendant lights custom-designed by Biasol. Tapware by Sussex Taps.


    Ceramic tiles by Urban Edge Ceramics. Pendant lights custom-designed by Biasol. Plants by Glasshaus. Pots from On the Side.



    Ceramic tiles by Urban Edge Ceramics. Stools from Space to Create. Pendant lights custom-designed by Biasol. Plants by Glasshaus. Pots from On the Side.



    Chairs from Space to Create. Table bases from James Richardson. Upholstery by The Seatery.

    PHOTOGRAPHY: Ari Hatzis

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