Krombeke by Minus

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    Krombeke captures the spirit of its owners and their passion for Brazilian-inspired, rich materials and textures. Design studio Minus create an offering of balance to the natural surroundings while matching the simplicity of the rural context.

    Krombeke is located in West Flanders, near the border between France and Belgium. Intended as a central place to display the outdoor design concepts of its owner, Moróro, the long and linear arranged home becomes its own vessel for expression. The home balances a known Belgian restraint with a depth of material and contrast from its South American musings.

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    The happenings of everyday rituals are concealed from view within the full-height walnut joinery in the kitchen.

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    An overall sense of calm is reinforced through muted materials and then further enriched through subtle nods and natural textures.

    Combining a bold approach with more familiar residential elements, monolithic forms sit sculpturally within the spaces as places to gather. The select materiality softens the transition between more contrasting elements while combining tones used throughout.

    Creating a combined residential and office setting allows the pieces to feel naturally placed and for potential clients to engage with them in a non-traditional environment, steering away from the showroom typology. The overall sense of warmth drove the design direction while remaining connected to the surrounding landscape.

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    The warmth of the timber and the custom stone plinth beautifully complement one another, allowing for the preparation of meals, entertaining and as a key gathering space.

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    As a fully customised approach, all details and contributing elements were laboured over to ensure the outcome completed the vision. Where items couldn’t be found to align with that vision, a custom-designed piece was made to ensure all the built elements felt cohesive and intentional. Custom furniture, hardware and light fittings are an extension of both the collection and of the overall vision for how the space should feel.

    The coming together of walnut for the joinery throughout and stone, marble, bronze, and polished concrete underfoot sets the ideal scene for the Moróro collection. Minus have created a defined architectural form to encase the inviting and warm elements inside, seeing Krombeke as both a place of immersive escape that captures a connection to place.

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