L20 House by Paulsen and Nilsen

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    Re-sculpting the interior of an existing apartment within the Scandinavian Alps, L20 House sees a textured and burnished warmth encase the home. Paulsen and Nilsen layer rich textural elements to create a cocooning embrace as the ideal escape.

    As a leveraging of an existing and established positioning amongst the Norwegian mountains, L20 House nestles into its locale as the ultimate winter abode. Within Hemsedal, Norway, the apartment is reimagined with a deep palette to counterbalance the surrounding snow and cold climate.

    Walking through each internal space feels deliberately curated, with transitions that create a sequence of compressed intimate moments, with more open and connected spaces as a relief. Floating stairs defy the timber they are comprised of, adding an unexpected element.

    The emotive brief was formed from a close collaboration between the client and designer, where a smoky and evocative feel underpinned each design decision. The resulting palette reinforces the intended feeling of immersion by layering textiles, metal, glass, and timber, all within a similar darkened and moody lens.
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    A combined nod to the traditional ski chalet forms the basis for the new insertions, while a deepening of saturation and smouldering sensibilities further elevates how the spaces feel. With ski-in, ski-out access and panoramic views across the nearby undulating ranges, the series of residences embody a contemporary luxury ski experience, where L20 aims to elevate that further.

    While the home’s openness and incredible positioning are a focus of the area, L20 offers gestures that compete with that, drawing the eye inward. Embracing the idea of the traditional mountain hut as a series of small and primitive spaces, similar philosophies are used to craft the resulting home. Paulsen and Nilsen bring materials and finishes together in a raw and roughly brushed state to create an evolved iteration of the familiar.

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