Laneway House by Clayton Orszaczky

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    Clayton Orszaczky sensitively rearrange an inner-city terrace to reflect modern-day living in Paddington, Sydney. 

    Design constraints typical of terrace homes were prominent in the Laneway House when Clayton Orszaczky were asked to intervene. Poor construction, pokey rooms and narrow hallways offered limited accessibility and comfort for its young family. The client requested a home to ‘literally hose out at the end of the day,’ making way for a light-filled alteration and addition that mirrors its pre-existing heritage footprint. 

    Clayton Orszaczky co-founder Rebekah Clayton says the client asked for the home to still occupy the same layout, essentially just ‘better’. Situated in a long strip of terrace homes, the original building sat on a deeply sloped site with an existing carport at the rear of the home, now housing a functional kitchen that backs out onto the two-storey courtyard.

    Inspired by the idea of an open galley, the kitchen features integrated appliances hidden behind full-height cabinetry that cleverly conceal a separate bathroom and laundry. A sliding door seamlessly bookends the living room and staircase from the kitchen, making for a contained entertaining space. Curved benchtops soften the edges of the kitchen, reminiscent of the curved archways and walls that characterise the home. “The curve is then followed through to the upper-level plan and is used as a device to improve flow,” co-founder Michelle Orszaczky says.

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    Ornate ceiling details and architraves remain in the front part of the home; juxtaposed with the clean lines and skylights in the new rear addition. A subtle spectrum of grey, white, brick and timber provide a breath of fresh air in the narrow space, creating a sense of openness throughout. “Ultimately, this project is about rearranging and reimagining the rear building form to provide greater light, ventilation and amenity to its occupants,” Michelle says. 

    The Laneway House by Clayton Orszaczky responds specifically to the site conditions and the client’s requirements with robust materials. Rigid forms are met with soft curves and delicate architectural details, working in harmony to create a home that effortlessly maintains its heritage qualities.

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  1. Rear courtyard is absolutely beautiful, it captures the essence of a holiday in Greece or even Capri. Love it.

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