The Lasting Legacy of Rogerseller

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    We’re celebrating the 125-year milestone of leading bathroom and kitchen retailer and manufacturer Rogerseller

    Since opening their doors in Melbourne in 1895, Rogerseller have set a new standard for quality bathroom design. Now reaching a milestone 125 years of trading, managing director James Edmond says that being able to adapt to change is crucial. “The ability to change combined with quality, timeless products and expert knowledge, is why we’ve been able to reach this rare milestone,” James says. 

    Exclusive partnerships with premium European brands Catalano, Claybrook, Falper, Fantini and Valcucine have led them to secure their place as Australia’s premier destination for designers and architects.

    To recognise this monumental anniversary, we’re showcasing our favourite products from Rogerseller’s unmissable February sale. We’ve selected floor-mounted tapware, freestanding basins, tapware and kitchens – all indicative of Rogerseller’s unabiding passion for timeless bathroom and kitchen design. 

    118 Danks St 770

    Design by Neil Architecture and photography by Hilary Bradford

    Floor Mounted Tapware:

    A contemporary approach to traditional bath tapware, floor-mounted tapware exudes modern sophistication. With their streamlined appearance, floor-mounted tapware is the ideal complement to a freestanding bath.

    From the likes of Fantini and Rogerseller’s own brand of the same name, our favourite floor-mounted tapware relay Rogerseller’s legacy of thoughtfully designed products that will stand the test of time, both in quality and design. For a statement in the bathroom, we suggest the Pinch Floor Mount Outlet in matt black. 

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    Design by Chamberlain Architects and photography by Derek Swalwell

    Freestanding Basins:

    Freestanding and pedestal basins are sure to evoke a sense of European elegance in the bathroom, ideal for bathrooms with limited space. Rogerseller offers freestanding basins in black, white and bold hues, manufactured in the highest quality materials. 

    Be it Italian Calacatta Borghini marble or Claybrook’s high-performance Marbleform®, Rogerseller’s range of freestanding basins are a testament to luxury craftsmanship. We’re particularly taken by the Evolve Floor Mount Basin by Claybrook, with its contemporary-classic appearance reminiscent of the Victorian era.

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    Image courtesy of Falper


    Rogerseller offers a wide selection of tapware that marries functionality and aesthetic – from leading Italian designers to their Australian manufactured tapware. 

    Their range represents the latest in architectural tapware, including the elegant Arq Basin Mixer in brushed gold by Rogerseller showcases a simple, understated design, versatile to suit various bathroom styles.

    “Having the ability to change is not easy and it requires a great team who are comfortable with change.”

    – James Edmond, Rogerseller managing director

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    Architecture and Design by Nixon Tulloch Fortey Architects and photography by Shannon McGrath

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    Developed by Colin Walters and photography by Tom Ferguson


    Exclusive to Rogerseller, Italian kitchen artisans Valcucine are leaders in their field for excellence in technology and innovation. Driven by sustainability, Valcucine put recyclability, reusability and material reduction at the forefront of their designs.

    Valcucine‘s designs value ergonomics and unique materials that create an intimate yet functional workspace; an invaluable kitchen design investment. 

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    Architecture & interior design by DND Studio

    Genius Loci Rogerseller
    Air Logica Rogerseller
    Valcucine Rogerseller

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