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    Sydney based interior design firm Lawless & Meyerson specialise in creating tactile, layered, luxurious spaces for their harbourside clients. Whether it be a private residence or a multi unit residential development, the Lawless & Meyerson team share a passion for quality and an eye for detail in design.

    We sat down with founders Brian Meyerson and Jo Lawless to find out more about their design aesthetic, how they started their careers in design, what they love about Sydney and to take a tour through one of their latest projects, Vaucluse House.

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    Brian, as a designer, how do you start articulating someone else’s style and vision?

    It’s about listening to what the client expresses, and providing your interpretation of that concept.  

    What, or who, taught you to be a designer?

    I’ve had a number of influences. Firstly, the modern masters, such as Le Corbusier, Aalto the Bauhaus and even Frank Lloyd Wright. Then there have been professors at university, but essentially the uni I was at was heavily influenced by the Corb school of thought.

    I worked at DCM and was influenced greatly by Richard Johnson, now at JPW.

    What are the essential ingredients of good design?

    The ordering and handling of space, light and materials, in a well-mannered, respectful, sustainable and elegant way.

    How do you celebrate your victories?

    Just a quiet meal and drink with my colleagues and friends to reflect on those rare moments!

    What is the one thing everyone should have in their home?

    Sunlight and serenity.

    Why Sydney?

    Sydney has a lot to offer. It is a thriving melting pot of people, ideas, and place-making in a beautiful environment, all this near the surf and beach.

    What is/was Plan B?

    By the time reached Sydney, there was no Plan B – I had previously lived in the desert in Israel, enjoyed it thoroughly, but saw Sydney the place to put down roots.

    Where do you got in Sydney to…

    Shop… The Standard Store on Crown Street in Surry Hills.

    Eat…Il Baretto – the grilled lamb cutlets.

    Drink…A chilled pino grigio on my balcony overlooking the ocean

    Be… Reading a book on the sand at Bronte Beach.


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    Jo, you spend a lot of time in other people’s homes, What are a few of your favourite things to see?

    I love beautiful, authentic finishes – exotic, interesting stones and natural timbers. Also we are lucky enough that most of the houses we have worked on (or are currently working on) are in the most amazing locations around the harbour or beachfront, so the views never cease to impress.

    How would you describe your own home?

    Everyone tells me it feels comfortable and friendly. It’s a mixture of mid-century design classics, ethnic finds brought back from various travels and art.

    What, or who, taught you to be a designer?

    You learn the basics at university but I attribute my ten years at Burley Katon Halliday being mentored by Iain Halliday and David Katon as some of the best teaching I’ve had. I also learn a lot from travelling, there’s nothing like being inspired by new cultures, it makes you realise there is more than one way to live. Also working with a talented team who all bring their own ideas to the table for discussion, that’s the beauty of a studio environment.

    What design rule do you always break?

    Probably lots of them!

    What design rule do you never break?

    Never use man-made materials that are trying to look like a natural finish.

    What is the one thing everyone should have in their home?

    Books. I once read ‘A home without books is like a body without a soul’ – you can never have too many.

    Where do you got in Potts Point to…

    Shop… Becker & Minty.

    Eat…Ooohh too many to choose from – we have all of the best restaurants on one street… but I can’t go past Fratelli Paradiso.

    Drink… Chester White, cute little bar with great cheese, cured meats and Rose.

    Be… Beare Park in Elizabeth Bay, a gorgeous quiet little park by the water.

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    PHOTOGRAPHY: Justin Alexander

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