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    Line Kay is a photographer, blogger and stylist from Norway. Her jarringly beautiful photography is splashed around pinterest, floating around instagram and popping up on tumblr feeds all over the internet. Elegantly composed with an ethereal quality, her pictures leave us scouring for more. A chat with the photographer sheds some light on her process.

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    We discovered your photography via Pinterest and instantly wanted to know more about you. How long have you been a photographer and how did you get your start?
    I started working in the lab at a camerastore back in 2002 and that slowly woke my interest in photography. It has since then been slumbering for many years, while I was doing other things; working with design furniture and running my own interior shop. After four years in business I found my creativity withering away between bubblewrap, cardboard boxes and the everyday business of running a shop. So I closed down last fall and took a plunge; to chase the light, shadows and beauty in photography. No regrets. All kinds of wonderful unfold when you’re on the right path.

    How has Pinterest impacted your business?
    From my home, way up north, I can reach all the way across to the other side of the world, just by clicking ‘Pin It’. That alone holds more magic than I can ever begin to understand. From beeing rather privat and hiding from the spotlight, Pinterest has been, and is, a subtle way of promoting my work. Well, at least so I thought. Suddely I found my pictures all around the world; on all kinds of media, blogs and platforms. What it has taught me is this; you don’t need to shout to get  attention, you just have to be genuine, and of course, out there. Character will always be the point of interest, I think.

    You are a multi skilled creative – do you style all of your own shoots too?
    I do, because I cannot chose just one thing. It’s double the joy, double the creative experience, to get to do both. Also, it is a learning prosess. The eye sees things in a much more complex way than the camera, and between the two lies an exciting job – to make them work as a team.

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    What do you love about living in Norway and can you share any insiders secrets on what are the best kept secrets to your city?
    The seasons, I love the changing of the nordic seasons. Between them they hold contrasts that highligt their differences.
    Also, Paris is never far form here, merely a two hour flight. That, I think, is my towns best kept secret.

    Can you share with us your photography and styling inspirations?
    Photographers; Paolo Roversi, Francesca Woodman, Vivian Maier and Hannah Lemholt.
    Stylists; Lotta Agaton, Paulina Arcklin and Marie Olsson Nylander.
    The world is full of remarkable and talented people with a passion for everything beautiful. And they’re online. Go, explore!

    What’s next on the agenda for Line Kay and your career?
    To boldly go where I have never gone before, I think. I want to make photography my living. It already is my passion.

    Est Magazine Table Styling Line Kay 02

    Est Magazine Prop Styling Line Kay

    Est Magazine Prop Styling Line Kay 02

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    Est Magazine Table Styling Line Kay

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