Linen Tales of Hale Mercantile Co

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    The Melbourne based luxury linen brand Hale Mercantile Co have asked their good friend Line Kay to shoot their new look book images in the photographer’s Norway based home and have kindly shared them with us – to share with you.

    In true Line Kay style the soft, dreamy vignettes will have you now dreaming of bed, or a day spent in doors baking, while you try to soldier on with the rest of your day. With the Hale Mercantile Co team preparing for their official launch into the European market in Paris this September, our style savvy friends across the seas will now have be able to envelop themselves in layers of Hale Mercantile Co goodness just like us.


    Flocca Standard Pillowcase & Flocca Duvet Cover in Rosa. Pillowcase $69 and Queen Duvet Cover $550.


    Flocca Standard Pillowcase 50x 70cm in Rosa, $69.


    Basix Tutto Towels, 43 x 80cm $32.


    Flocca Tablecloth & Basix Napkin in Ayrton. Napkin $22 and Tablecloth $239.


    Basix Napkin & Flocca Tablecloth in Ayrton, Napkin $22 & Tablecloth $239.


    Flocca Standard Pillowcase in Ayrton, $69


    Basix Bed Skirt & Flocca Duvet Cover, Flocca pillowcases and Flocca flat sheet in Ayrton. Standard Pillowcase $69, Queen Duvet Cover $550, Flat Sheet $395, Queen Bed Skirt $339.


    Flocca Euro & Standard Pillowcases in Nox & Ayrton, Gras, Rosa, $85 for Euro & $69 for standard.


    Basix Tutto Towel in Tempest 43 x 80cm, $32.


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