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    Does your laundry leave to lot to be desired when it comes to mixing functionality and good looking design? Do you ever step foot into your friends home and find yourself envious of their laundry set up because, unlike yours, it is actually pretty to look at even while its hard at work washing, drying and sorting enough clothes to dress a small nation? Yes. We hate doing the laundry too – and it shows! With Miss Glass, a shopping site for the proud laundry worker hiding in us all, achieving a luxe laundry is easy. And lets face it, even though most of us did not sign up for the head laundry worker position in the household, we seemed to have assumed it – so we may as well make it a pleasant place to work in.

    With an ethos to create beautiful environments, Siobhan Glass has tackled what is perhaps the most hated room in the house first in establishing the Miss Glass concept. Compelled to join the program and accept the fact that the job of ‘doing the laundry’ is never done, we came to conclusion that we needed to surround ourselves with objects of beauty not just function. Out went the white wire drying rack bought from the supermarket and the gaudy plastic washing detergent bottles  and in came the beautiful Scandinavian style timber Clothes Airer and Tangent GC organic fabric detergents and shoe care sets. Really its amazing what a few small changes can make. Though we wouldn’t exactly say that we are happy to now do the laundry, we admit that from time to time you may can catch us whistling while we work.


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