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  • Lyla and Blu 1924 WoodSaw Est Magazine

    Christian and Hannah of Lyla & Blue have launched a new online shopping visual feast, filled with textual and talented inspirations from artists from around the world. Hailed as the ‘year of men’, 1924 represents to Christian and Hannah a time when people were honourable, pride was paramount, and creativity was vital in order to progress.

    Relying on hand techniques to produce the greatest of art, mindful living and thoughtful existence, the year of 1924 represents to the pair all that was good and strong in the world. So it is only fitting that they name their new online store after the year that they hold so dear.

    After working for almost two years and investing their own blood sweat and tears into the new retail experience, 1924 is the epitome of hard work, collaboration, creative innovation and careful consideration.

    As a visual treat alone this website features on the top of our list when looking for a little online window shopping…


    Lyla and Blu 1924 WoodSaw Est Magazine

    “Rest gently where the branches have fallen.” | 1924 | Available now in the shop is a piece of DIY decor that was inspired by the talented Zachary Smith. Hand drawn typography on an antique wood saw. A great piece and fitting quote to enhance the decor of any modern man’s space!

    Lyla and Blu 1924 Webshop Est Magazine

    Lyla and Blu 1924 Webshop Launch Est Magazine

    Lyla and Blu 1924 Hands Feet

    Lyla and Blu 1924 Bag


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