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    Est Magazine Creative Director Lynda Evans is captivated by the wonders of Instagram and this week she accepted a #5shotchallenge documenting five “nooks” within five days. Lynda (@lyndaevans) shares her week in pictures from Production HQ on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, and gives a little insight into what has gone on behind the scenes in the lead up to Issue #8 – out Wednesday January 30th.


    With the launch of fabulous Issue #8 so close now, Sian and I together with our Social Media Manager Karen Peace and intern Hayley McGill, prepared a small promo ‘teaser’ image. The cute little wooden cloud tray image is by photographer Marjon Hoogervorst and appears in issue #8. We got inspired to recreate the look – Instagram style – with my iPhone. Can’t wait to share everything in this issue!


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    SUNDAY 20/01/13 I can’t seem to start my day without a large cup of espresso. Then it’s onto meetings with Sian over Skype, responding to emails and eagerly pouring amazing content from our contributors into the layout of Issue #8.


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    MONDAY 21/01/13 The studio gets a tidy up as I have intern Hayley joining me…and I spot this lovely little nook of colour – perfect for my #5shotchallenge. Snap. So hard to resist serendipitous colour inspiration.


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    TUESDAY 22/01/13 The week prior to releasing issues involves extremely long days. Every issue of Est sees us editing, shuffling and sprucing right down to the wire. Sian and I work to several timezones with our contributors and for this issue it’s London, Stockholm and Amsterdam that we’re in sync with. BTW…it ain’t a Martini in that glass, just pure aqua! 


    WEDNESDAY 23/01/13 Sometimes I have to force myself to leave my desk and with the pressure on, just 20 minutes of fresh mountain air and a killer playlist is essential to keep me going.


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    THURSDAY 24/01/13 With the deadline looming it kills me to discover that my utilities provider will be repairing power lines in my street all day Friday — this means I won’t have any electricity and our weekly Mini Est Magazine will be a marvel of modern digital media – to be scheduled!


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