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    After roaming the aisles at last week’s DENFAIR 2016 exhibition we’ve been inspired to start compiling a long mental wish list of made to order and off the shelf design pieces that we’d love to surround ourselves with.

    Rather than store it all in our heads and on our iPhones, we thought we’d share our weekly wish list with you incase there may be something that you want to add to your own list too. You can click on the images below to find out more – or of course add them to your own wish list file in Pinterest. We’ve started the Est Wish List File here.


    est living teal bag hardgraft wish list


    This soft leather folio cover by Hard Graft plays double duty as both laptop cover and clutch. We love the teal green and the punch it gives to any outfit, night or day.

    $300 USD


    We love our facials at Rationale but it’s the Molecular Water spray that they use that we really need in our lives on a daily basis. Please won’t you sell it to us seperately Mr Rationale?


    est living rationale molecular water
    est living jardan wish list


    Jardan’s contemporary take on the safari chair is just to our liking. This beautifully handcrafted piece in American Oak with smoke oil finish and leather slings lets us live out our African dreams while confined to the city – for now…


    oil on linen
    50 x 50 cm

    The jewel sea tones of Martine Emdur’s latest exhibition at Olsen Irwin has us enthralled with both the ocean and the artists incredible ability to capture what lies beneath its surface.

    $7,000 AUD

    est living olsen irwin martine emdur
    estliving owen architecture mirror


    A full length mirror is a must have in every home and this free standing design with its cow hide leather sling provides the perfect opportunity for a little shoe storage too. Designed by architect, Paul Owen, the Easel Mirror is made to order through Owen Architecture.

    $2,000 AUD

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