Est Magazine Issue #11


November 2013

The colour theme for this issue could easily be indigo, as part of the trend that is sweeping the world, but for us the most obvious message that these pages convey is the hard work and tenacity of the creative women we’ve featured.

From talented artist Cj Hendry, to fashion designer Shani Anderson, international model and artist Sasha Pivovarova, florist Fleur McLachlan and catering and event director Chyka Keebaugh, these talented and successful women relentlessly flex their creative muscle and share the result with the world. We count ourselves lucky to support them and share their work with you.

Georgina Jeffries and Pip McCally of interior design firm Wonder are two creative women who’ve entered our orbit in the past 12 months. We invited them to guest edit our last issue of the year and share their fresh contemporary approach to design that we think you’ll love.

Having fast developed a name for themselves as a design team known for creating spaces that are both considered and aesthetically timeless, Pip and Georgina are also the epitome of hard work and have all-encompassing passion for their craft. We hope these pages fill you with a sense of your own wonder and a drive to keep pushing yourselves forward.

IN THIS ISSUE Blue Print, Luxury at Large, Archetypical Beauty, The Main Event, Model Masterpiece, Green and Bold, Style and Substance.

EDITOR IN CHIEF Sian MacPherson CREATIVE DIRECTOR Lynda Evans CONTRIBUTORS EDITORIAL Georgina Jeffries, Robyn Lea, Pip McCully, Khaseem Warren. PHOTOGRAPHY Brooke Holm, Marjon Hoogervorst, Dana van Leeuwen, Tara Pearce, Toby Scott. STYLING Anouk Brands, Jessica Bouvy, Marsha Golemac, Todd Hase, Chanelle McAuliffe. WORDS Yvette Caprioglio, Renske Schriemer. 

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