Est Magazine Issue #12

February 2014

It seems the new year is well and truly shaping up to be a speedy one. Blink and you’ll miss 2014 is my prediction. What I am definitely hearing though from everyone I speak to is that it feels like 2014 brings with it positivity and an air of change for the better.

In Chinese astrology it’s the Year of the Horse, so a strong, energetic start to the year is what is needed to cultivate change for the better.

And change is what we’re planning here in the Est Magazine office. Our little team of two that Lynda and I began with back in 2011 has grown and so has the workload we all carry. We have some exciting new ventures to announce in the months ahead and we look forward to sharing them with you; although we feel we may need a few more months in the year to get it all done.

As our tireless Creative Director Lynda Evans begins the process over the next few weeks of packing up her life in the hinterland of Queensland’s Sunshine Coast and saying goodbye to her story-book, white washed cottage, she knows all too well the feeling of excitement and trepidation of impeding change. A sense of change is also imminent for Tom Adair who has almost outgrown his much loved inner city workman’s cottage featured on page 56 while the Hayman family who, with their passion for collecting art and unearthing new treasures, see their home in as being in a constant state of change.

We hope you face an inspiring year ahead too, while always remembering that change is good.


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EDITOR IN CHIEF Sian MacPherson CREATIVE DIRECTOR Lynda Evans CONTRIBUTORS EDITORIAL TRAVEL Sophie Carr. FASHION Khaseem Warren. PHOTOGRAPHY Greg Cox, Marjon Hoogervorst, Brooke Holm, Robyn Lea, Toby Scott. PRODUCTION Sven Alberding, Marina Cukeric. FOOD Marnie Engelander STYLING Anouk Brands, Marsha Gloemac, Stephanie Stamatis. SUB EDITOR Yvette Caprioglio. WORDS Laura Twiggs.

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