Est Magazine Issue #13


We’re almost halfway through the year and I still feel like I’ve not yet had time to sharpen my pencil and crack the spine of a fresh new notebook to welcome it. Sure the New Year started with a bang as we watched the fireworks over Sydney Harbour, but I feel like we were already running the race before 2014 had started and we’ve been sprinting ever since.

It seems I am not alone either in my exasperation of the short days that come with long lists of work commitments to get through. Whether in the office or in the home, the general consensus amongst everyone I speak to is a unanimous belief that life is running faster than our Nike-shod feet can keep up with.

So what to do? We think Yvette Caprioglio, our Est sub editor, has the most practical solution; the idea of the Top 3. If you have a list as long as your arm of things to get done today, just focus on the top three on the list and do those. If you are trying to renovate a home and have to choose tiles for the bathroom, a tap for the kitchen, or a paint colour for the hallway, choose three alternatives and whittle it down to one. Narrow down your choices and you will not only feel like you’re making progress, you really will be.

Faced with too many choices in the Est headquarters on a daily basis, we’re now going to try and practice what we preach. We’re working towards creating Est editions on a more frequent basis, making them available in bite-sized pieces for you to consume. We’re here to help you with the choices you face so we would   love to hear from you about how you like to read Est and what you would like to read more of, so please feel free to write to us and share your thoughts. We’ll be sure to add you to our top 3 tasks of the day!

IN THIS ISSUE; Ignite passion with design, Copenhagen creatives to watch, Artist Tripoli Patterson, Edwardian makeover in Elwood, Italian flair for warehouse living, They All Hate Us Loving Sydney and the best Local Hostel in Holland.




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