Est Magazine Issue # 15


I have to admit the making of our first ever Est Kitchen and Bathroom edition has been quite a revelation. In our search for ‘what’s hot’ for the rooms that suck the bejesus out of even the healthiest of renovation budgets, we were quick to discover, overwhelmingly, that timber really is the material of the moment – if not decade.

Given that my role as editor of a design magazine is to seek out the latest and greatest design on the market, it is then only natural to expect that I would have seen more than my fair share of kitchens and bathrooms over the years. The search for what’s new always has me coming back to my personal lineup of design favourites, with those that I love staying with me as if seemingly untied to and particular trend, but yet remaining still very much ‘current’ in style.

While timber is certainly ‘on trend’ at the moment, and I personally am drawn to nature as a must have component in nearly every situation (blame it on the country connection), it’s the way that it is used and applied to a scheme that will determine its longevity in terms of the designs relevance.
Or in other words – as with every trend – err on the side of restraint to avoid looking like your home is stuck in a time warp (that is not retro cool). The same can be said for teenage boys and their penchant for rolling their jeans up and wearing white socks underneath (like Steve Urkel) That does not even look good now – let alone in 7 years time.*

Trust me William Jack MacPherson.**

* A teenage boy, who may or may not be related to the author of this letter, may soon file divorce from his mother after reading above comments.

** Actually, who are we kidding? Unless it’s on Instagram he will never read above comments.
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