Est Magazine Issue #16


It’s that time of the year again where we start to brace ourselves for the race towards Christmas while still wondering how the year has managed to pass us by. For those if us in the south, we look forward to longer spring days and warmer weather as we throw open the doors to the new season, welcoming the outside in and along with it, the warm promise of summer.

In this issue we turn to Australia’s most revered landscape designer Paul Bangay, as he graciously welcomes us to ‘Stonefields’ (on what was a freezing late autumn day) to share his beautiful European-inspired country retreat that, amazingly, was nothing more than a bare cow paddock just 8 years ago.

We are also thrilled to catch up with Alex Willcock, the Englishman who introduced homewares to the iconic Australian brand, Country Road in 1989. In a rambling country manor, the Willcock family lead an enviable life in the english countryside just over an hour’s drive from London.

It is fair to say that this, our first ever Outdoor Issue, is inspired by the great outdoors that lie well beyond the city boundary that keeps us all hemmed in.

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