Est Magazine Issue #18

Est Magazine Issue #18 | The Kitchen + Bathroom Issue

After reading through the thousands of answers and suggestions we received in our recent reader survey we feel like we now know our loyal Est readers a whole lot better.

We were surprised to discover that just over 80 per cent of you are looking to renovate your homes in the next 12 months, so with this in mind we’ll see to it that our content lineup for 2015 is full of inspiration and innovation when it comes to redesigning or reconfiguring your spaces.

So where better to start than the most expensive rooms in the house? The kitchen and bathroom we think…so we’ve compiled pages of design ideas complete with fixtures and fittings to kick-start your moodboards and style files for reference.

Be sure too to check in each week for the month of April as we roll out more designer profiles with updated kitchen and bathroom product ideas in the upcoming weekly mini issues. Good luck for all that busy work ahead.

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