est magazine issue #34


In Issue #34, we explore the idea of restoring and transforming our personal spaces to suit our ever-changing needs. From our exclusive feature on the family home of Melbourne designer Ali Ross to B.E Architecture’s restoration of an art-filled, heritage home; we discover how each has reshaped a new internal harmony.

We also take an inside tour through the private homes of architect Rob Mills and brand manager of Fredericia Furniture, Katya Falkenberg. And in the spirit of reconceiving the old, we take a walk through three individual homes, each highlighting a unique alteration and addition by Australian designers; Benn + Penna, Mim Design and Templeton Architecture.

Finally, we’ve curated a selection of our favourite finishing touches to inspire more meaningful, beautiful and functional décor objects and applications that will ensure a wholly revitalised space.

– Megan Rawson, managing editor

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