Est Magazine Issue #4


January 2012  | 128 pages

What is it about white spaces and weatherworn timber, that has us pining for the simplistic style and understated design that our Nordic cousins are famous for? Stemming from roots based on function over form – where all objects are designed for a use, Scandinavian style is still such a strong influence on how we choose to style our spaces.

For this issue we were able to live vicariously the chaos and colour that is the fabulous life of a fashion model turned photographer turned blogger, Candice Lake. We also take a peek through the lens of the original street style photographer, Amy Arbus, who’s monthly street style portraits were the life and breath of New Yorks Village Voice during the 80’s.

Already well into the new year are still trying to find a way to simplify our lives, look after our health and find time to soothe the soul. This special Scandi issue of Est takes the best of Scandinavian simplicity and offers you a new ways of trying to incorporate some of its key elements as you see fit.

Given our love for a good video to not only get you inspired about a destination or design, but that gets you dancing too – check out the “Inspired by Iceland” video and just see if your not compelled to mark this North Atlantic Ocean island on your must see destination list.

IN THIS ISSUE Conveniently Cool Michelle & Anthony Iezzi, Idyllic Iceland Rut Karadottir, Light Luxury Michelle James and Tom Scherma, Cosy with a K TineK, Quiet. Calm. Piet Boon

EDITOR IN CHIEF Sian MacPherson CREATIVE DIRECTOR Lynda Evans CONTRIBUTORS Meghann Augustus, AnoukB, Denis Bjerregaard, Jacob Gils, Gerður Harðardóttir, Marjon Hoogervorst, Candice Lake, Robyn Lea, Richard Powers, Maria Radun, Julie Ralphs, Christina Redlich, Chauntelle Roelandts, Stephan Schnedler-Sørensen, Margot Sharpe, Georgie Skinner, Joanna Swanson, Trine Thorsen, Khaseem Warren

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