est magazine issue #40

EST MAGAZINE ISSUE 40 | Kitchen Culture


It couldn’t be more timely that we celebrate 40 issues of est Magazine in the kitchen, heralding 40 designers who define an era of kitchen design.

As a space to connect and collaborate, this issue looks at what the kitchen has come to be and how design thinking has evolved, as designer Nathalie Deboel explores in our cover’s kitchen-dining configuration.

The kitchen also heightens our senses – not only through what food we prepare but in the richness of natural materials, as we see in Made in Belgium. We step inside a curvaceous place of respite by architect Susi Leeton and discover an effective use of space in architects Rosa Coy and George Yiontis’ family home. We exhale in an embracing country home on the Mornington Peninsula and further abroad, in the Hamptons home of Australian designer Amee Allsop.

Just as our Kitchen Compendium delves into signature design details, our style page curates a utilitarian approach to what we wear. We’ve assembled our favourite cookbooks in the Library and a playlist ready for when you’ve found the right recipe.

– Sophie Lewis, managing editor

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