Est Magazine Issue #5


April 2012  | 114 pages

Its been a year since Est first hit your screens and in so many ways it feels like it was just yesterday that we took our first tentative steps into the world of digital publishing. We are ever in awe of the support that you all share with us and feel incredibly grateful to be in your discerning company.

In this, our 5th issue, we are particularly inspired with the shades of inky blue, subtle grey and dashes of teal spotted throughout the magazine. From Martyn Thompson’s Manhattan loft, to the Sydney home of colour consultant Emily Loxton it seems we are blue mood (in the aesthetic sense not the literal).

New contributor Melinda Ashton Turner steers us away from blue by showing us what colour accents are hot for 2012, whilst our favourite Dutch contributors, Anouk and Marjon, explain with stunning imagery how to incorporate Pantone’s Tangerine Tango into the home.

IN THIS ISSUE Made in Mosman Emily Loxton, Manhattan Master Graham Moss, Tailored Living P. Johnson, Sensory Style Martyn Thompson, Design Darling Nina Proven

EDITOR IN CHIEF Sian MacPherson CREATIVE DIRECTOR Lynda Evans CONTRIBUTORS Melinda Ashton Turner, AnoukB, Meghann Augustus, Yvette Caprioglio, Sarah Edgar, Tamie Freier, James Hirst, Marjon Hoogervorst, Tamsin Johnson, Robyn Lea, Maria Radun, Chauntelle Roelandts, Toby Scott, Victoria Simson, Georgina Skinner,  Derek Swalwell, Grant Turner, Khaseem Warren

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