Est Magazine Issue #6


July 2012  | 140 pages

With Olympic fever in full grip, it’s inevitable that we start thinking it’s time to get fit and stop mucking around. But it’s the inspiration that strikes on a daily basis that we find so intriguing. It gives a new spring in the step and some vim to the vigor, to find that there is a way we can change things for the better, a new way to try things …whether it’s to train harder, renovate the bathroom, change your hairstyle or work some patterned pants into your wardrobe.

We are turning to the people like us, the girl next door, the well coiffed man on the street and the hipster at our local cafe to show us their own interpretation of life and style. In this fashion issue, photographer Robyn Lea has us swooning over rich embellishments and colours inspired by Mexican Hacienda life, whilst Est Fashion Editor Khaseem Warren takes the best of Australian fashion and creates a hauntingly glam narrative in collaboration with photographer Marnie Hadad. Of course we have more stunning interiors to share from beach houses to inner city terrace renovations that will have you rethinking your spaces.

Est has teamed up with Mr & Mrs Smith to show you the best of where to stay, sleep and eat in the Mexican Mayan Riviera as well as a chance to win The Mr & Mrs Smith Hotels Collection of books and a SilverSmith membership. We hope you appreciate our style interpretation as much as we enjoy sharing it with you.


IN THIS ISSUE Personal Stylespiration, Myan Muse, Australian Story, Hacienda Haven, Modern Classic, Peninsula Style, Michael Muir

EDITOR IN CHIEF Sian MacPherson CREATIVE DIRECTOR Lynda Evans CONTRIBUTORS AnoukB, Bec Cole, Marina Cukeric, Sophie Davies, Sarah Edgar, Anne Giacomantonio, Andrew Gough, Marnie Haddad, Alana Holmes, Marjon Hoogervorst, Wendy Karcher, Robyn Lea, Chiala Marvici, Glen Proebstel, Chauntelle Roelandts, Toby Scott, Margot Sharpe, Victoria Simson, Khaseem Warren, Kim Wiedermann, Sarah Wood, Gorta Yuuki

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