Est Magazine Issue #8


January 2013

Welcome to our first issue of 2013. We have big things planned for Est Magazine this year and we are taking the year for rejuvenation and renewal VERY seriously. With lots of exciting news to share in the coming months, we promise you’ll be first to know of all our plans. We may even need your advice on a few ideas and hope you can share your thoughts with us.

We have asked our favourite Dutch creative team, Anouk B and Marjon Hoogervorst to style a trend report based around the Pantone colour for 2013, Emerald Green and give us an idea of how we can incorporate the hue most commonly used to stimulate growth, clarity and above all, balance. I for one, can certainly use a little more of this in my life. Can’t we all?

Former InsideOut magazine Editor and current Temple & Webster Editorial Director, Karen McCartney takes us on a personal tour of her favourite London haunts for shopping, sipping and sightseeing. We feature homes from the French city of Mulhouse, Amsterdam and Melbourne – all of which share a common thread – simplicity. You might notice this is a bit of a theme we are drawn to at the moment – the trick is trying to live by it.

We’d love to hear from you – your loves and hates, your ideas and predilections – we are open to it all!



EDITOR IN CHIEF Sian MacPherson CREATIVE DIRECTOR Lynda Evans CONTRIBUTORS EDITORIAL FOOD Sarah Edgar, FASHION Khaseem Warren, INTERIORS Tamie Freier, TRAVEL Joanna Swanson, PHOTOGRAPHY Marjon Hoogervorst, Tara Pearce, Toby Scott, Victoria Simson, Georgina Skinner, Julien Fernandez, STYLING AnoukB, Kara Rosenlund SUB EDITORS Emily Evans, Neville Evans WORDS Amandine Berthon, Elizabeth Anile SOCIAL Karen Peace LAYOUT Hayley McGill

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