Est Magazine Issue #9



April 2013

It was 2 years ago that Lynda and I first dipped our toes into the waters of digital publishing and though it feels like only yesterday that we took that massive leap into the unknown, at the same time it feels as though there was no life before Est Magazine. We have come so far. We have loved connecting with a like minded audience as much as we have loved collaborating to produce content with creatives worldwide. We are thrilled to call them good friends as well as colleagues.

In Issue #9 of Est Magazine we are excited to be launching our Closet Covet series. Our first feature has us stepping inside the wardrobe and home of ex Melbourne fashion editor for Vogue Australia, Anthea O’Connor. With a sophisticated style that belies a madcap, laugh a minute personality, Anthea shows us the pieces that she is can’t live without, from the artwork received from much loved friends to a pair of shoes that are the ‘perfect shade of sludgy olive green to go with everything’. We also get an exclusive look into the home of renowned homewares emporium curator Hillary Gwillam of Manon, as well as travelling to the home and vibrant foodie haven based in the foothills of Table Mountain in South Africa’s Capetown, where the colour green clearly takes centre stage. In fact in this issue, green is the predominant hue, whether it’s a sludgy grey green, pale eucalypt or in the case of the Capetown home, vibrant emerald green. As a digital magazine we may just be a little drawn to all the properties of green and its meaning, both literally and figuratively.

You may have noticed too that we have ramped up our daily posts on the Est website, and we are now sharing more content that comes across our desk each week in between each quarterly Est Magazine issue, with the release of our new Est Mini editions that make their way into your inboxes each and every Friday. We are loving that we are connecting with our readers more and more across social channels such as instagram, pinterest, twitter and facebook, giving us an insight into your world and how it looks to you. We have also acted on your request for more hyperlinking throughout both the magazine and website, and we are thrilled to be now offering you more opportunities to research, explore and store your information and inspiration than ever before.



IN THIS ISSUE Significant Colour, Closet Covet, The Curator, Converted to Greyscale, Greenhouse Effect, Paddock to plate, Butterland.

EDITOR IN CHIEF Sian MacPherson CREATIVE DIRECTOR Lynda Evans CONTRIBUTORS CONTRIBUTORS EDITORIAL FOOD Sarah Edgar, FASHION Khaseem Warren. PHOTOGRAPHY Mindi Cooke, Greg Cox, Armelle Habib, Tara Pearce, Stephan Schnedler-Sørensen, Toby Scott, Victoria Simson. PRODUCTION Sven Alberding. STYLING Denis Bjerregaard / Agentur CPH, Stephanie Stamatis, Montana Valich. SUB EDITOR Emily Wright. WORDS Chauntelle Roelandts, Mandy Allen.

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