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    After recently discovering the homewares store, Magazyn, in downtown Antwerp, we certainly have been left wondering what other hidden talents this Belgian city has up it’s sleeve.

    MAGAZYN, a word for storehouse in many languages, is an aptly named, humbly sized, independent store located in the heart of Antwerp and is the culmination of art director turned storeowner, Thomas Haarman’s creative efforts. Filled with simple and minimalist home products ranging from furniture, tableware, homewares, bathroom and office accessories, Haarman’s careful curation of products clearly favours the hand-crafted.

    Made by hand with attention to detail, each sourced product is made from natural fabrics, organic shapes and in a neutral colour palette, with displayed products changing on a seasonal basis. The store’s concrete floors and ceilings are reminiscent of traditional Belgian style stone homes.

    Though similar in its minimalistic lines and uncluttered arrangements, the emphasis on earthy, natural materials showcases the unpretentiousness of Belgian mentality. Magazyn embodies precisely the aesthetic made famous by renown local architect Vincent Van Duysen who said “Belgians don’t like to show off. We are discreet, down to earth, and we like things to be durable and timeless.”  We couldn’t agree with you more Mr Van Duysen.

    Est Magazine Store MAGAZYN 01

    Est Magazine Store Interiors MAGAZYN 05

    Est Magazine Store Interiors MAGAZYN 01

    Est Magazine Store Interiors MAGAZYN 03

    Est Magazine Store Interiors MAGAZYN 04



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